Board Of Environmental, Health & Safety Auditors

Last updated: March 21, 2019

What Does Board Of Environmental, Health & Safety Auditors Mean?

The board of environmental health and safety auditors (BEAC) is a professional certification board that provides certification for EHS auditors. The BEAC is responsible for the issuing of standards in relation to environmental auditing and health and safety auditing.

Safeopedia Explains Board Of Environmental, Health & Safety Auditors

This non-profit organization was established in 1997. The board does not offer any form of training, but is the body responsible for issuing the Certified Professional Environmental Auditor accreditation to health and safety auditors as well as environmental auditors. Prospective auditors submit their qualifications to the board and are required to pass an examination in order to obtain the certification. The BEAC is recognized by all major players including the CESB, IIA, US Department of Energy, the EPA and the American Chemistry council. Audits are conducted in order to identify risk factors, offer ideas for improvement and ensure that there is full compliance with regulations.


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