Certified Professional In Healthcare Risk Management

Last updated: September 30, 2018

What Does Certified Professional In Healthcare Risk Management Mean?

A certified professional in healthcare risk management (CPHRM) is a qualified professional in the healthcare field that is responsible for performing inspections, enforcing health and safety regulations and making recommendations to top management with the aim of minimizing potential risk factors impacting patients or staff. The certification is issued under the American Hospital Association (AHA).

Safeopedia Explains Certified Professional In Healthcare Risk Management

In order to qualify for CPHRM training and certification, candidates should have both prior learning and workplace experience in the healthcare field. Certification must be renewed every three years through taking an examination or by providing evidence of 45 contact hours of related training. The CPHRM is responsible for the health and safety of both patients and staff and should be able to think analytically, report systematically and perform follow-up interventions as needed. Excellent communications skills and an intimate knowledge of risk assessment and relevant regulations are a requirement. The CPHRM does not work directly with patients and a degree level qualification is the entry-level requirement for certification.


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