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Refrigeration Safety Awareness (RSA)

Last updated: March 25, 2019

What Does Refrigeration Safety Awareness (RSA) Mean?

Refrigeration safety awareness is important for those employed in a refrigeration plant. Refrigeration plants utilize many hazardous gases, liquids and energy to move heat around. It is recommended that refrigeration plants hire a refrigeration safety awareness specialist to monitor these hazards and minimize any potential risks posed by these products. This employee would also be responsible for having procedures in case any incidents were to occur and ensure that all staff were trained in these procedures.

Safeopedia Explains Refrigeration Safety Awareness (RSA)

A refrigeration safety awareness specialist is not trained to repair any machines in the plant, but is employed solely to ensure that all personnel are able work in a safe manner and evacuate the plant if need be. A refrigeration safety awareness specialist would be expected to safely shut down the plant once all staff have been safely evacuated.


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