Certified Hazard Control Manager

Last updated: September 5, 2017

What Does Certified Hazard Control Manager Mean?

A certified hazard control manager is responsible for hazard control and management principles with the aim of improving workplace health and safety in a range of industries. The role of the CHCM is based on the assumption that workplace accidents are a symptom of workplace problems.

Safeopedia Explains Certified Hazard Control Manager

The CHCM is employed in an advisory capacity that contributes to company safety policies. Owing to this role, the CHCM has to be able to build effective relationships with managers across the organization and communicate recommendations effectively. The emphasis is on engineering, human factors and management rather than on regulatory compliance. Leadership, communication and management techniques are applied in order to reduce hazards and prevent accidents and other losses. This designation was established in 1976 and CHCM credentials are regarded as prestigious. Candidates are generally required to have 8 years of workplace experience and a degree qualification.


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