Special Government Employee

Last updated: October 23, 2017

What Does Special Government Employee Mean?

A special government employee (SGE) is an American government worker who is employed to work in a temporary role. This worker must not work for a government agency for longer than 130 days during a 365 day period. They differ from contractors, who are hired briefly and are, as a rule, not covered by the ethics laws.

Safeopedia Explains Special Government Employee

The special government employee categorization has been in place since 1962, when Congress realized there was a need to apply appropriate conflict of interest restrictions to those who serve the Government on a temporary basis. Working as an SGE gives the worker special provisions to ensure that they can carry out their duties with impartiality. Several provisions are put in place to minimize financial conflicts of interest, though, as they are only working in a temporary capacity, they are not under the same amount of restrictions as full-time government employees regarding secondary employment.


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