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Certified Utility Safety Administrator (CUSA)

What Does Certified Utility Safety Administrator (CUSA) Mean?

A Certified Utility Safety Administrator (CUSA) is a utility safety professional who has successfully completed the Certified Utility Safety Program (CUSP). CUSP certification formally recognizes individuals who have met the eligibility requirements of the CUSP program and pass the CUSP exam. The person has a demonstrated ability to understand and implement utility safety regulations, competencies and task directed activities.

Safeopedia Explains Certified Utility Safety Administrator (CUSA)

Potential Certified Utility Safety Administrators sit either a Blue or Green coded exam, based upon their background experience. Individuals who have 3 years experience in a dedicated safety / training role need to pass the CUSP Green Exam. Those who have 3 years utility operations leadership experience, and at least one year's experience where safety activities are a part of their job description, sit the CUSP Blue Exam.


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