Construction Safety & Health Official (CSHO)


Definition - What does Construction Safety & Health Official (CSHO) mean?

A construction safety and health official ensures compliance with health and safety legislation in the construction industry. The official is responsible for duties that include site inspections and audits aimed at measuring compliance and identifying potential risks.

Safeopedia explains Construction Safety & Health Official (CSHO)

A construction safety and health official is required to be in possession of certification from an accredited training provider. An intimate knowledge of construction health and safety requirements as well as health and safety management systems is required. This includes specific knowledge of hazard identification and risk management methodologies. Administrative responsibilities include effective record-keeping and control of related documents. The officer is required to identify health and safety training needs and should be able to perform emergency preparedness planning for any given construction project. Excellent communication skills are required since the officer will be responsible for coaching and mentoring construction employees and reporting to management.

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