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Certified Safety & Health Management (CSHM)

What Does Certified Safety & Health Management (CSHM) Mean?

Certified Safety and Health Management is the work carried out by a person who has passed the Institute for Safety and Health Management (ISHM) Certificate of Safety and Health Management (CHSM) exam. This qualification recognizes the safety and health professionals who demonstrate knowledge of health and safety management skills and techniques. A person who passes the CHSM exam is qualified to undertake the role of management and in safety and health.

Safeopedia Explains Certified Safety & Health Management (CSHM)

The Certified Safety and Health management qualification is accredited by the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards. Having a Certified Safety and Health Manager on staff ensures that a business has a safety culture that reflects that safety starts at the top. Individuals who pass the exam demonstrate their commitment to their profession. The qualification allows the person to carry the designation Certified Safety and Health Manager for a period of five years.


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