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Construction Site Safety Technician (CSST)

Last updated: March 19, 2018

What Does Construction Site Safety Technician (CSST) Mean?

A Construction Site Safety Technician is a safety professional who has passed the Construction Site Safety Technician (CSST) course. The CSST course covers all aspects of on-the-job safety for the construction industry, forming the basis for a well rounded understanding of safety as it applies to the construction industry. The course meets the requirements of field safety, safety technology, construction site safety supervisor and construction site safety manager.

Safeopedia Explains Construction Site Safety Technician (CSST)

The Construction Site Safety Technician (CSST) course qualifies the professional to work in a safety tech or professional capacity on any plant or construction site in America. Pre-requisites for the course are one year in the field in any turnaround position or Safety Attendant Basics class. Graduates of the course receive a Certificate of Completion, a National Center for Construction Education and Research Certificate of Achievement, and a wallet card for the automated national registry.


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