International Certificate In Construction Health And Safety

Last updated: January 4, 2017

What Does International Certificate In Construction Health And Safety Mean?

The international Certificate in Construction Health and Safety is an entry level qualification for those wishing to have a career in the health and safety sector of the building and construction industry. It is most commonly completed by builders who are wishing to upgrade their skills. This course focuses on being alert to possible workplace hazards and learning how to minimize the negative effects of identified hazards. It also covers procedures and regulations if staff members are injured in the course of their duties, and how to effectively create a safe work environment for all employees.

Safeopedia Explains International Certificate In Construction Health And Safety

The duration of this course varies, depending on whether study is full or part-time. Many choose to undertake this study through night school, where the course will take three months if attending class once a week. In addition to class lessons, completing a practical assessment is required to receive the certificate. This involves choosing a real life company (most choose their own workplace) and identify workplace hazards. In addition to this, recommendations of health and safety management systems are required, and many often implement these in their workplace once their qualification is complete.


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