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Certificate in Construction Health and Safety

Last updated: February 19, 2017

What Does Certificate in Construction Health and Safety Mean?

A certificate in construction health and safety is a qualification aimed at managers in the construction industry who oversee workers and construction sites. It teaches individuals how to design and implement safety rules and regulations appropriate to specific workplaces. It also covers how to ensure that as a team leader, an individual may follow the local and national legislation for occupational health and safety.

Safeopedia Explains Certificate in Construction Health and Safety

Many find this qualification useful, as ensuring that their team is working in a safe manner results in fewer injuries and less injury related sick days. Such courses instruct individuals not only how to deal with problems as they arise, but how to anticipate and solve potential health and safety issues before they arise. There are several ways of completing this qualification, the most common being attending a weekend workshop, then completing a practical based workbook over several months to earn their certificate.


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