Last updated: November 13, 2018

What Does Puncture Mean?

A puncture refers to type of injury that is caused by an object penetrating the body. Punctures can vary from small, requiring a bandage, to large punctures that may damage internal organs. Common items that cause puncture wounds are nails, knives, bones and wood. Punctures often happen as a result of falling onto a sharp object, though punctures can also be the result of fighting or self-inflicted injuries.

Safeopedia Explains Puncture

Puncture injuries can occur on any area of the body, however the most common workplace puncture wounds occur on the hands and feet. It is important to protect the hands and feet when in the workplace, which is why most workplace PPE requirements include sturdy, fully enclosed shoes in areas where items that cause a puncture threat are present. If a puncture wound does occur, it is important to ensure the wound is thoroughly cleansed before dressing. The item that caused the puncture wound may be full of bacteria that could lead to infection. All employees should keep up to date with vaccinations to keep their immune system protected against infection.




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