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Non Occupational Incident

What Does Non Occupational Incident Mean?

Non occupational incident (and accident) is the one which is not related to the occupational work. A non-occupational incident (and accident) is managed in pursuant to the legislation, employment policies, collective agreements and other arrangements with insurance companies those are established before. The term non-occupational incident is defined in the agreements between the employer and the insurance company.

Safeopedia Explains Non Occupational Incident

Non-occupational incident or accident may cause sickness or condition that results from injury or disease which is not directly related to job. Non-occupational incident may also make an employee unfit to perform regular job functions. There are relationship between incident/accident involvement and different personality dimension that acts as an influence in non-occupational accidents. Therefore, disability management return to work programs are useful for retaining good employees and improve morale. In many countries or states, partial or complete disability benefit to a worker caused by a non-occupational injury is not awarded. Any claim related to non-occupational disability depends on insurance conditions and employer policy.



Non Work Related Incident, Nonwork Related Incident

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