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No Treatment Incident

Definition - What does No Treatment Incident mean?

No treatment incident is an incident at workplace which does not involve any casualty or treatment of any kind by a medical practitioner. No treatment incident could be a near miss or close call in which workers at work or people passing by have narrowly escaped a physical injury. No treatment incident likely involve material losses.

Safeopedia explains No Treatment Incident

No treatment incident may not be legally required to be reported unless there is a specific instruction. However, it may be recorded depending on its type, size, gravity and historical importance.

Examples of no treatment incidents are:

  • Slip, trip or fall incidents which are not related to work and do not require medical treatment.
  • Induced temporary hearing loss due to sound of blast, explosion or high decibel noise that heals in short time without any medical treatment.
  • Temporary blindness due to intense light which diminishes gradually within short time without any medical intervention.

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