No Treatment Incident

Last updated: October 22, 2015

What Does No Treatment Incident Mean?

No treatment incident is an incident at workplace which does not involve any casualty or treatment of any kind by a medical practitioner. No treatment incident could be a near miss or close call in which workers at work or people passing by have narrowly escaped a physical injury. No treatment incident likely involve material losses.

Safeopedia Explains No Treatment Incident

Unless specified, employers are not legally required to report no treatment incidents. Companies may nevertheless want to record significant no treatment incidents to track them and identify areas of their safety program that needs improvement.

Examples of no treatment incidents include:

  • Slip, trip or fall incidents which are not related to work and do not require medical treatment.
  • Induced temporary hearing loss due to sound of blast, explosion or high decibel noise that heals in short time without any medical treatment.
  • Temporary blindness due to intense light which diminishes gradually within short time without any medical intervention.


No Treatment Incidents

No-Treatment Incident

Non Treatment Incident

No Treatment

Non Treatment

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