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Workplace Health Program

Definition - What does Workplace Health Program mean?

A workplace health program is an organized and comprehensive package of workplace health promotion policy that includes various courses of action and programs. This includes health policy, compensations, benefits, safety, and health and environmental issues relating to the surrounding society. It is designed to support employee health and enhance the company’s wellness programs.

Safeopedia explains Workplace Health Program

A workplace health program is a comprehensive approach to address multiple risk factors and health conditions at an organizational level. It also includes employee behavioral pattern modifications through counseling, setting model organizational culture and good work environments, etc.. It contains a blend of individual and organizational level policies and intervenes to influence better physical and mental health at the workplace. Following are the major focus areas of a workplace health program:

  • Health policies: A written statement to protect and promote employee health

  • Planned health programs: Planned health programs may be implemented to begin, change or maintain good health and personal behavior pattern

  • Health benefits: As a part of an overall compensation, health insurance, other services and discounts on medicine or treatment may be arranged

  • Environmental supports: Refers to the environment surrounding the workplace that helps to protect and enhance employee health

In a health program, the employee will gain the following skills:

  • Evaluating workplace health risks

  • Understanding workplace wellbeing issues into practice

  • Actively integrate into health programs

  • Measuring the financial aspects of workplace health programs

Following are the steps of creating an effective workplace health program:

  • Setting up of strong leadership for the health program

  • Getting everyone’s involvement in the program

  • Collection of health data

  • Discovering the needs and expectations of the employees at the workplace

  • Making a detailed plan of the health program

  • Implementation of plans into actions

  • Monitoring and controlling the health program

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