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Workplace Health Promotion (WHP)

Definition - What does Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) mean?

Workplace health promotion (WHP) is a unified effort of employer, management, employees and other stake holders at the workplace, with an aim to improve the health conditions and welfare of personnel at a workplace. It is the best practice that goes beyond what is required by the health and safety regulations. A good program empowers employees to improve the health issues at the workplace as well as at home.

Safeopedia explains Workplace Health Promotion (WHP)

Workplace health promotion (WHP) is accomplished through improvement of the organization, working environment, active participation of employees, enabling healthy choices and inspiring personal development. It implies improvement of the various issues listed below and practices in close relation with the health and safety committee.

  • Active participation of all employees

  • Involvement and discussions with employees in improving work environment

  • Identifying measures for enhancing comfort at work

  • Educating on healthy food and nutrition and providing healthy canteen food

  • Anti-smoking campaigns and prohibition of smoking in the complex or campus

  • Mental health programs on management of stress and tension

  • Exercises and physical activity, gym or sports facility at the workplace

  • Health monitoring, including medical checkups

  • Improve employee job satisfaction

  • Improve morale of the employees by teamwork, leadership and cooperation

  • Fewer absences from work and reduced turnover

  • Reduced health risks and medical costs

  • Improve organizational reputation to attract new employees

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the workplace along with school, hospital and marketplaces are priority settings for successful health promotion. It influences the physical, mental, economic and social well-being of workers, families, and society.

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