Total Recordable Injuries

Last updated: February 24, 2024

What Does Total Recordable Injuries Mean?

Total recordable injuries (TRI) is a measure that encompasses all fatalities, lost time injuries, cases restricted for work, cases of substitute work due to injury, as well as medical treatment cases by medical professionals.

TRI does not include injuries that only required first aid and no time off work.

Safeopedia Explains Total Recordable Injuries

TRI includes the following:

  • Fatality – Accidental death on the job
  • Lost Time Injury (LTI) – Workplace injury leaving an employee unfit for and absent from work
  • Restricted Work Case (RWC) – Workplace injury resulting in an employee being given alternative job assignment
  • Medical Treatment Case (MTC) – Workplace injury requiring treatment by a medical professional

TRI records can be found in the log of work related Injuries and illnesses form 300 of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and survey of occupational injuries and illnesses form of Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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