National Construction Safety Officer

Last updated: September 5, 2022

What Does National Construction Safety Officer Mean?

A national construction safety officer (NCSO) is a person who has achieved the NCSO certification issued by local construction safety associations in Canada, and which is also valid at the Canadian national level. This certification signifies that the person holding it has practical knowledge in construction related health and safety management. An NCSO provides valuable a resource to management for effective health and safety programs and safer work environments.

Safeopedia Explains National Construction Safety Officer

To be eligible for NCSO certification, one must have a minimum of 3-5 years field experience in the construction industry. He or she has to successfully complete 11-13 compulsory courses in conjunction with a few elective courses. These courses cover health and safety, auditing, administration, instructional techniques, injury prevention, etc..

NCSOs are generally responsible for training the construction workers on health and safety issues, assuring that the construction processes are conducted as per local and national construction and labor laws. They also attend safety audits and meetings to keep themselves up to date with the changes. NCSOs are responsible for reporting to their employer about potential hazards, non-compliance issues and any unsafe conditions related to construction. They also liaise between the employers and local and national regulatory bodies on the issues related to construction.


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