Safety Advisor

Last updated: May 28, 2018

What Does Safety Advisor Mean?

A safety advisor is a service provider who assists an organization or enterprise in assessing, designing, planning and implementing overall safety, and helps in maintaining an effective occupational health and safety management system. An advisor also helps to review the protective and preventative measures that an organization is required to follow and therefore minimize operational losses, occupational health problems, accidents and injuries.

As the busy owners and managers are responsible for the health and safety of the employees at work, a safety advisor can advise them on the current safety issues and help them to meet the legal requirements.

Safeopedia Explains Safety Advisor

A safety advisor helps an organization to accomplish the best possible safety compliance measures with available resources. An advisor provides tools, systems, guidance, training and ongoing maintenance of occupational safety and health system. A safety advisor possesses expert knowledge and skills and promotes a progressive safety culture. This individual plays a major role in managing and controlling occupational risks.

Safety advisors tend to follow a five-phase methodology:

  • Workplace and safety audit
  • Corrective action plan for improvement based on audit report
  • Determine and implement a suitable occupational health safety management system
  • Train the management team
  • Monitor and control the management system

A safety advisor provides a smooth safety plan suitable for the business to ensure that the workplace is safe. This relieves the owner and manager’s extra effort necessary for the safety and provides comfort and satisfaction for managing the workplace safety tasks.


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