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Safety Inspector

Last updated: January 1, 2019

What Does Safety Inspector Mean?

A safety inspector is usually a government agent who inspects organizations, factories, machines, equipment, work places, working and health conditions and common utilities to ensure government rules and regulations as well as industry standards regarding occupational health and safety are being complied with. He or she may also be called a health and safety inspector or occupational health and safety specialist. Bigger organizations also have their own safety inspectors for helping the management to improve occupational health and safety.

Safeopedia Explains Safety Inspector

A safety inspector usually looks into the safety aspects in workplace environments to develop and recommend safety measures, or initiate and advise for co-ordination among sub departments within an organization. He or she is responsible for evaluating workplace safety to reduce any possibility of injury. Safety inspectors may be active and work directly to improve health and safety of the organization or may also work as a consultant to the management. As the health and safety industry is becoming more significant and interesting, the demand and importance of safety inspectors are also increasing daily.


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