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Fire Safety Director (FSD)

Last updated: December 12, 2019

What Does Fire Safety Director (FSD) Mean?

A fire safety director (FSD) is a certified employee who is responsible for a building’s fire safety related jobs. In some big cities, the buildings having 100 users at street level or below, or with a total of 500 users, hotels having 30 bed rooms or 15 bed rooms above 1st floor or if the height is 75 feet or above (or with similar conditions) need a fire safety director by regulation. A fire safety director notifies the occupants of any fire incident, helps them to evacuate from the building, liaisons with fire department for firefighting, prepares and maintains fire safety plans, supervises floor wardens and conducts fire drills.

Safeopedia Explains Fire Safety Director (FSD)

A fire safety director is generally responsible for the following:

  • Preparing and implementing a fire safety and prevention plan for the building or hotel

  • In case of fire, notifying building occupants of the fire and helping to evacuate during fire or in an emergency

  • Inform the fire department about location of fire, evacuation progress and problems of building systems or occupants

  • Liaising and advising the fire department during firefighting

  • Supervising fire wardens and training fire and evacuation supervisors

  • Carrying out regular inspections and maintaining records

  • Conducting, supervising and evaluating fire drills


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