Muster Point

Definition - What does Muster Point mean?

A muster point is a designated place or an area where all employees, passengers, or a large crowd assemble in case of an emergency in an installation, building, public place or a watercraft. It is also known as an emergency assembly point (EAP), or, simply, assembly point.

Safeopedia explains Muster Point

A designated muster point is an essential safety criterion for any installation, building, public place or a watercraft. These muster points and their routes are well marked and day and night direction signage are given for easy escape, evacuation and assembly. Muster points are generally not too far away from the buildings and are designed as such that it allows the safety and emergency teams to work without any disturbance.

Individuals in charge roll-call the individuals to find the missing persons in a well-organized organization. Names of the missing people are then provided to search and rescue personnel for further actions. Ideal muster points should be well ventilated outside the main building and within the compound. In ships it is preferably on the upper deck.

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