Safety Slogans

Last updated: April 24, 2017

What Does Safety Slogans Mean?

Safety slogans are statements, mottos, sentences or meaningful phrases of organizations, enterprises, groups or institutions that are displayed or printed on monograms, publications, advertisements, employee uniforms, walls, rooms, offices or other places of the organizations. These slogans remind and encourage the employees or stake holders about the importance of safety in general, or of particular instances of safety. The aim of the safety slogans are to prevent and safeguard employees or others from hazards, improve personal and collective safety and ensure better hazard control in a workplaces.

Safeopedia Explains Safety Slogans

Safety slogans are required to be attractive, memorable and include repetitive expression of an idea or drive. The slogans direct and remind people of safety as safety is often forgotten while in hurry. Such a safety slogan will give them just the amount of boost for thinking safe again. The safety slogans are often funny to add a little humor, but carry serious meanings. Some safety slogans are general, such as, 'Safety rules are your best tools,’ or in particular, such as, 'A fire today – no job tomorrow,’ etc.. Safety slogans and posters are available on the Internet free of charge or some may be bought for payment.


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