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Fire Hose

Last updated: December 17, 2019

What Does Fire Hose Mean?

A fire hose is a very high pressure hose that is used to take water to a fire. It may also carry fire retardant materials. Fire hoses can be attached to either a fire engine or a fire hydrant, and the pressure is between 800 and 2000 kPa. Drying of fire hoses after use is very important because water that is left in a hose can cause deterioration. As a result, fire houses have large structures designed to dry out the hoses.

Safeopedia Explains Fire Hose

Fire hoses that have larger capacities carry more water at low temperatures. If the hose is of a smaller diameter, it will need higher pressure. The most important factor in determining the effectiveness of a fire hose is the diameter of the hose. Fire hoses are manufactured in the following configurations:

  • Single jacket
  • Double jacket
  • Rubber single jacket
  • Hard rubber non collapsing tires
  • Each type of fire hose is designed for a specific purpose

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