Fire Fighting Equipment

Definition - What does Fire Fighting Equipment mean?

Fire fighting equipment is used for fire fighting by trained fire fighters, or a user at the scene of a fire. There are a number of different kinds of fire fighting equipment available depending on the methods used, purpose, user and location. They also vary in types, capacity, size, quality, duration of intended use, type of fire risk involved, manual or automated and many other criteria. Fire fighting equipment ranges from a fire fighters gear to fitted systems in a building to fire extinguishers and communication equipment of a wide variety.

Safeopedia explains Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire fighting equipment, generally, is comprised of hundreds of different pieces of equipment and technology.

A categorized list of such equipment might look like this:

  • Extinguishers - water type, dry chemical powder type, foam type, carbon dioxide type etc.
  • Fire fighter’s gear - fire resistant outer suit, inner lining suit, inner and outer gloves, woolen socks, fire resistant shoes, helmet with or without headlight and communication system, breathing apparatus, water hoses, valves, nozzles and IR camera etc., fire department’s vehicle mounted fire fighting equipment
  • Installed fire fighting system - fire main water supply network, hydrant, sprinkler automatic or manual, emergency fuel and electric cut off system, fixed fire fighting system such as carbon dioxide, foam and powder type etc., portable generators and pumps.
  • Communication equipment - walkie-talkie, radio, broadcasts, land line telephone, sound powered telephone, cell or mobile phone and voice pipe etc.
  • Fire detection and alarm systems - smoke, frame, spark detectors, local, centralized automatic, semi-automatic and manual fire alarm systems
  • Other accessories - water and sand bucket, shovel, hammer, fire axe, cutters, hooks, fire beater, hoes, knife, fire blanket, emergency lifesaving apparatus, emergency lights, head lamp etc.
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