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Fire Blanket

Last updated: April 5, 2018

What Does Fire Blanket Mean?

A fire blanket is a piece of fire extinguishing equipment or gear designed to extinguish a small fire or any fire at its initial stage. It is a blanket-like sheet typically made of wool or specially woven fiberglass fabric treated with flame-resistant chemicals. Some old models used to be made of asbestos, but are no longer produced as the use of such material poses significant health risks. Small fire blankets are used in places like kitchens, whereas the bigger ones are used in laboratories or factories.

Safeopedia Explains Fire Blanket

A fire blanket is very useful in putting out small fires, more specially, domestic fires in the kitchen. In order to extinguish a fire, it must be covered by a fire blanket. The fire blanket simply chokes the fire to get oxygen from the surrounding air, which is essential for fire to continue its chemical process. In case of a person’s clothes being alight with fire, he or she should have the blanket wrapped around their body. The fire, once covered and sealed with a fire blanket, eventually dies or extinguishes. Some of the flame resistant fire blankets can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius.

Fire blankets are commercially available in pouches or boxes. These may be hung on the walls of the kitchens, boats, public transports, garages and other areas. Fire blankets have a long shelf life, but need to be inspected periodically. They come with manufacturer’s user instructions, which should be followed. Fire blankets are not reusable, and they are usable on electrical fires.


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