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National Safety Council (NSC)

Last updated: July 29, 2018

What Does National Safety Council (NSC) Mean?

The National Safety Council (NSC), United States, is a non-government, nonprofit, public service organization. The NSC has a vision to "make the world safer," while the mission of NSC is to "save lives by preventing injuries and deaths on the roads, at work, homes and communities." NSC believes it may reach this goal by leadership, research, education and advocacy.

Safeopedia Explains National Safety Council (NSC)

To establish a permanent organization dedicated to safety in the industries of the United States, the Association of Iron and Steel Electrical Engineers sat together in 1912. Subsequently, in 1913, the National Council for Industrial Safety was established with its head offices located in Chicago. NSC’s main agendas are traffic safety, workplace safety, and home and community safety. NSC activities include the following:

  • Conducting courses, seminars, and workshops nationwide

  • Conducting consultancy on hazard evaluation, emergency management planning, risk assessment and safety audits

  • Developing health safety and environmental promotional materials publications

  • Helping organizations in various campaigns

  • Organizing conferences (national and international)


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