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Last updated: December 18, 2019

What Does Sit-Stand-Stool Mean?

A sit-stand-stool is a device designed to combat a sedentary (non-active) lifestyle by replacing the position of sitting with a more upright stance closer to standing, but to avoid standing for long periods at the same time. This is because standing burns more calories than sitting and this helps to combat obesity. Since there are health concerns associated with long hours of standing also, the stool is designed to capitalize on the best of both.

Safeopedia Explains Sit-Stand-Stool

Sit-stand-stools should be implemented in workplaces that require long hours of work at a desk or workstation to avoid ergonomic hazards that are associated with long sitting or standing. Hazards include swollen legs, back pain, fatigue, bad posture, such as locking of the knees, a sway back from relaxing of the abdomen muscles, and asymmetry of the spine from leaning on one leg. There are different types of sit-stand-stools designed to achieve these ergonomic benefits that are suited to different work environments. It is important to pick those that will suit the particular task and achieve the greatest benefits.


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