Tyler Davey


Tyler Davey is Chief Executive Officer for Alcumus in North America and has 20+ years of experience working across both technology and business. He is responsible for developing and growing the brand in the North American market, managing the full suite of products in North America, and driving the business through organic and further acquisition opportunities.

About Alcumus

Alcumus is a market leader in safety. Our purpose is to help create better workplaces to keep people safe, reduce risks, and simplify safety processes through our expert teams and technology. The way organizations manage risk – to take care of their people, customers, and the environment – has become as important as products and services themselves. Our cloud-based software, safety accreditation, and supply chain management provide businesses with the technology they need to improve safety. We help build strong, resilient businesses while delivering the service and technology which helps create safe and effective workplaces. For more information, visit

Articles by Tyler Davey

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