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Tomović Com Ltd is a consulting company specialized in the carrying out of safety and health at work. As a family company, we established in 2005 on the foundations of social responsibility and protection of living and working environment. Tomovic Com is a professional service dedicated to providing services to other companies and institutions. Our main goal is to make the workplace safer.

We have experts, associates and partners who can provide a wide range of advice and successful strategies for solving problems in the field of safety at work. We are conducting a multidisciplinary approach in solving unique and complex problems that affect your company. A dynamic team is at your disposal in order to provide better services and give technical advice.

Our company is nationally recognized in the industry. For years, we support the development and improvement of safety and health at work in Republic of Serbia. Through active participation in the Association for Safety and Health at Work Serbia, long work on raising awareness in this field.Organizers are a great number of professional meetings, conferences and workshops with international participation. As partners we have worked on a number of successfully completed projects focused on education and raising awareness about safety at work.

We are customer service oriented and able to respond very quickly. We operate 24 hours a day, and clients can contact us and receive immediate response to the urgent problem at any time of day or night.

Tomovic Com is a company that provides security services to work in all sectors. Our clients are a socially responsible company that recognized that investing in security is investment in their business. Tomovic Com is your partner in reducing workplace injuries and achieving cost-effective and innovative solutions. Our clientele ranges from the largest national automotive manufacturers to the smallest of different companies.

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