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thetrainingandrecruitment house


Our Managing Director, spent 10 years working as an employee in some of Northern Ireland's biggest Companies so his knowledge of Training needs and Recruitment is key to our success. He knows what companies need and he knows how to deliver.

Businesses and Organisations across Northern Ireland continue to come back to us because we understand their needs and we deliver for them every time. Similarly, people looking for work, or people wishing to extend their training, they too come back because the courses we recommend for them deliver good results.

We have a vast network of Clients including food producers, charities, businesses in the leisure and tourism sectors, engineering and social enterprises.

We have a Training Catalogue which has over 70 different Courses and we hold all of thenecessary Accreditations so our Clients know they are getting a quality Service.

Training and Recruitment is a very competitive environment but the quality of our customer service and our delivery record makes us leaders in the Northern Ireland Training, Recruitment and Consultancy marketplace. We take the time to monitor our customer service, we ask our Clients what they think of our Company, we listen to what They tell us, we act on Their feedback and we use this quality monitoring to improve on everything we do.

We believe that you can never stop learning and we are consistent with providing the best Training, the best Recruitment and the best Consultancy for our Clients. Read on to see our vast list of training courses and if you want to speak directly to our Team simply call 028 3839 4580.

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