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The Justice Gap


What we are:We are about the law as it relates to you.We are about journalism and, in particular, shining a light on those parts of the justice system that don’t often see the light of day in the mainstream media.We are interested in the broad sweep of the law: human rights, the criminal justice system, family, employment through to consumer issues. In other words, all aspects of the law that relate to you in your day-to-day life.We are editorially independent.We aim to promote ‘access to justice’ – in other words, we want to improve the ability of people to enforce legitimately held rights. To that end, we want to develop the site as a resource of useful and interesting information about legal rights under the Advice Guide. It’s a long-term project. What we are not: For a start, we are not lawyers.We are not here to promote the interests of lawyers. We hope this site represents a positive contribution to promoting ‘access to justice’. These are two different things.This is not a lawyers’ discussion group. We will run articles and blogs by lawyers and professionals involved with the law; and we will run articles and blogs by people who are neither but who have views on the effectiveness or otherwise of our legal system. Any contributions will be run at the editor’s discretion. They must be broadly in sympathy with what we are about, factually accurate (obviously…) and must not land the editor in the libel courts (please…).We do not provide legal advice. Sorry. We don’t claim to have either the right skills or resources to assist people with their individual legal actions. We don’t engage in correspondence about individual cases.Our advice guide is not a substitute for legal advice but it is to illuminate legal issues.
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