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SID Bennet


We support designers and decision makers in the built environment. Cooperation and collaboration are really important to us.

We have developed the Design Guides which we recommend you use for training and project work especially in areas that are new to you. They contain technical references for further study and were originated by a forward thinking HSE inspector who is also a civil engineer and created by a pan industry group of presidential nominees from the main design institutions.

We also design and deliver truly creative training courses and mentoring, mainly in-house. Again we work with sector experts and prefer a collaborative approach to content and delivery. We can support your teams in a variety of ways and work with you to make content relevant and clear so that you develop competent confidence as you move forward. We really like to hear that you “get it” and can manage for yourselves after working with us. We continue to be there to support you if you need us.

Obviously CDM2015 is a specialist training topic for us and you may like to call to discuss the creative options available to your design teams. Our list of courses is being reviewed constantly so keep an eye out for changes or follow us on:.

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