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Sherri Carriere


Sherri Carriere has been assisting organizations in conducting successful business operations through the identification and management of risk exposures to ensure regulatory compliance for over 22 years.

She is familiar with all levels of operations, including general management, budgets and controls, finance, human resources, labor relations, legal, asset management, training and development, production and customer service. She has developed extensive knowledge in developing Risk Management Models that include comprehensive and measurable controls including but not limited to: HSE management systems; including technical writing and the development of codes of practices, risk assessments and reviews, safe systems of work, and standard operating procedures, project specific systems, asset and insurance management.

Sherri is knowledgeable in both Canadian federal and provincial legislation as well as United States federal and state legislation with emphasis on OH&S compliance, Worker's Compensation and ISO auditing protocols.

She believes that while theory is important, it can never replace practicality, nor does intelligence trump integrity.

Articles by Sherri Carriere

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