Scott Safety EMEA


This Facebook page provides an opportunity for community members, stakeholders and the general public to get to know Scott Safety and connect with each other. While individuals are encouraged to share their experiences within their online communities – we ask that you do so in a respectful way. To that end, we have established a few community guidelines. PRIVACYFor your safety and privacy, please do not post or publicly display private or protected business information on Facebook. If you have questions or comments about your specific business with Scott Safety, contact your sales representative.CONVERSATIONPlease keep discussions respectful and relevant. Keep in mind that our community’s opinions reflect the thoughts of the commenter, not of Scott Safety. While we request and encourage honesty from all of those participating in the conversation, we reserve the right to delete any offensive or potentially libelous comments posted by users, as well as comments considered to be spam. Please refrain from posting content that includes profanity, obscenity, nudity or discriminatory language. We reserve the right to block users who violate these terms of use.DISCLOSUREWe are committed to ethical and best practice social media engagement. In social media, only the authentic opinion of the author is credible and trustworthy. In order to maintain this trust, Scott Safety requires anyone who writes or comments about Scott Safety, properties, products and related services to fully disclose their relationship with the brand (such as a sponsored or unsponsored partner, an employee, or other) and share their unique unbiased opinions. Scott Safety encourages employees to participate on Facebook. The views expressed by our employees are their own and may not necessarily represent the views or opinions—and are not official statements on behalf—of Scott Safety. Additionally, on Facebook we do not endorse any page-to-page interactions that have not been approved in writing by both page owners.
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