Scott Laxton

PPE Industry Veteran


Scott Laxton is a PPE industry veteran with more than 28-years of experience in Product Development, Marketing, Purchasing & Sales.

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  • When is it okay to wear a bump cap?

    Helmets are arguably the most important PPE available given the potentially catastrophic effects of a head injury (learn more about protective gear in 6 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guidelines Every Employee Should...

  • When do I need supported gloves?

    When working with chemicals and toxins, it’s crucial to protect your hands and skin as much as possible. Think of how easily liquids and gases can spread. Imagine how easily a toxin could seep into your skin or through a...

  • When do I need to wear a back support belt?

    Back injuries are some of the most common workplace injuries, accounting for almost 20% of all work-related injuries and costing upwards of 20 billion dollars per year. Back-support belts are one answer to this problem,...

  • What should I provide for outdoor workers who are at risk of heat stress?

    Heat-related illnesses can be fatal, especially during hot summer days and in areas with high humidity. People who work outdoors during these months—especially those who perform more strenuous tasks, like landscapers and...

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