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Prevention is the best medicine! No job is 100% safe, but there is much that employers, employees and safety professionals can do to minimize and reduce the risks. This applies to our Environment, our Health and our Safety.

At Safeopedia we believe that harnessing the collective genius of the global Environmental Health and Safety community will make the world a safer place. Safety starts with you! Our mission is to enlist your help to improve the culture of safety across all industries.

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Safety Moment: Pinch Points

Pinch points are a leading cause of injury within the construction industry. Learn what pinch points are and how you can avoid pinch point related injuries.

Safety Moment - Eye Protection

Your sight is an important sense, and damage to your eyes can compromise your sight. Eye protection is extremely important when it comes to preserving your sight. Learn what the requirements of eye PPE are and what you can do to keep your eyes safe.

Safety Moment: Self-Retracting Lifelines

Learn what self-retracting lifelines (SRL) are and when you might use one in your fall protection plan.