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Scott Coleman


Scott's primary focus is exploring various workplace injury prevention methods using innovative and comprehensive approaches based on Sports Science methodology. This approach evolved from the combination of over 20 years of experience working with elite athletes (primarily with Rowing Australia and Athletics Australia), with the skills developed working in private practice treating injured workers.

Over the past five years, Scott has been partnering with large organisations and Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers/agents to reduce the costs associated with workplace injury. At the core of Scott’s work is the ability to reduce the injury risk of workers by combining sports injury prevention techniques, movement analysis using wearable technology/data analytics and the psycho-social elements specific to the individual and the workplace.

"Throughout my career I've seen the impact that injuries can have on people's lives. From elite athletes through to day to day workers, injuries not only cause physical pain, but also have an impact on the psychological and emotional wellbeing of an individual, and can ruin lives. I've seen it happen to my mother when she sustained a back injury working as a nurse, so preventing injuries has been the focus of my career. It has been this passion for protecting the quality of lives of individuals that has driven my success in the WHS field."

Articles by Scott Coleman

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