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Renée Dupont-Adam


Renée began her life in aviation when she took her first flight from Lae – Port Morseby, Papua New Guinea in her fathers’ Cessna 182 at the ripe old age of 3 weeks old. From that point forward, Renée has been involved in all aspects of aviation, including: setting up the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association (PAMEA), the Maintenance and Ramp Safety Society (MARSS) and helping present the 1st World Conference on Maintenance Errors and Their Prevention in 1995.

Renée also held the position of Editor for “GroundEffects” from 1997 – 2002. In 1993 the “Dirty Dozen” posters were developed by her father, Gordon Dupont, whom is known as the “Father of the Dirty Dozen” and thus she became the “Sister of the Dirty Dozen”. She has presented papers for the Flight Safety Foundation, WATS, CHC Safety Summit, Women in Aviation, etc. Renee is a member of the Women in Aviation and Quarter Century Club. She also is currently working on her Private Pilots Licence and now holds her Student Licence.

Renée continues to facilitate workshops all over the world in the interest of furthering Safety awareness, by helping engineers and companies develop “Safety Nets” to lessen the occurrence of making the mistakes they don’t intend to make.

Renée has starred in several of the training videos produced and distributed by System Safety. Renée has also run several years in the 60 km "Walk to End Breast Cancer" and completed 21 - 1/2 Marathons (from Arizona to Stockholm, Sweden)


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