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Praxis 42


We all share common values, aspirations and core competences to meet the needs of our very varied customers. Our company is structured so we can provide the very best health and safety, fire safety and environment support for businesses whether it is a small retailer or a large corporate organisation, thus ensuring that the end product suits our customers’ ever-changing needs.

How can we help you?

We recognise that health and safety management can often be seen as a challenge. Organisations often don’t know where to start to understand legislation or best practice and want a balanced view on risk. Praxis42’s specialism is sensible and pragmatic risk management. Over the years we have dealt with a wide range of businesses and sectors and are confident we can help with your occupational health, safety, fire and environment needs. We can help you choose the exact service, training course or strategy that you need to meet your legal and moral obligations and develop a comprehensive compliant management system.

What do we offer?

Health and safety, fire safety and environment are broad topics; that’s why it often seems complicated. To keep it simple, we have divided our services in to two main areas; consultancy and training. However we often find that the solutions our customers want are a combination of these and the great thing is we have the in-house experience and expertise to deliver both.

Our consultancy is available for anyone needing help or advice with their environment or, health and safety strategy or management. Perhaps you need to carry out risk assessments, are looking at your corporate social responsibility or perhaps need advice on employment health screenings.

On the other hand if you feel that there is gap in management or employee competence or some refresher training you need to take a look at our health and safety training courses which can be picked off the shelf or tailored to your needs.

If you are not sure what you need, just talk to us. We think you’ll find us easy to do business with.

What’s our approach?

It’s simple. We talk to you. Once we understand your requirements you will be assigned the correct topic specialists and chartered safety practitioners from our team who will produce a specification with full costing and agreed timescales. Then we deliver it; on time and on budget

Why should you use us?

Our philosophy is to build trust and good will with all our customers. As with all our customers we will behave with integrity and responsibility in all our dealings with you and will seek to be flexible, pragmatic, transparent and receptive in all we do.

Our people are our most important asset and we aim to recruit, retain and continually develop a team so that we can continue to deliver exceptional professional and practical service with a passion for customer satisfaction.

We are also proud to contribute to social and community projects with financial support and voluntary work.

Simply, we are nice people to do business with.

Where are we based?

We have a team of specialists working across the length and breadth of the UK and abroad.

When should you talk to us?

Right now! If you are reading this page then you probably have a need or a problem that we can resolve. Click here to email us.


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