Nikolaus Jakubinek

Health and Safety Manager


Nikolaus Jakubinek is an established health and safety manager, skilled in the delivery of programs and policies. His experiences range from the construction industry to facility management and residential heating and cooling.

Nikolaus got his start in occcupational health and safety as a certified safety representative for a heating and cooling company. He carried that experience to SNC Lavalin while working as a building technician running a central heating plant. With a very positive health and safety culture and opportunities to further his training, he was promoted to Health and Safety Coordinator in the Public Works Government Canada contract within SNC Lavalin.

Currently 10 years into his career as a Health and Safety Professional, he is employed by Doran Contractors as their Health and Safety Manager.

He is certified by the Canadian Construction Association and the IHSA, and is working towards the P.GSC and CRSP.

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