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Lisa Kelly

President and Founder, Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence


Lisa Kelly, President and Founder of Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc. and the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence, has been cultivating healthy changes in workplaces and individuals across the globe for over 25 years. Through her WWCOE certification and training programs, consulting, and corporate solutions, Lisa’s mission is to create an innovative and collaborative landscape for Workplace Wellness that fosters inclusive and responsive wellness solutions benefiting employees, employers, and communities. She has extensive achievements in Workplace Wellness, leadership, and culture development with corporate and government sectors as a global Workplace Wellness certification provider, trainer, and consultant. As a Certified Executive Coach, she supports the well-being and professional growth of senior leaders. She holds a Master of Education and a Bachelor of Commerce degree, a Diploma in Natural Nutrition, a certification in Personal Training, and multiple certifications in Executive Coaching. Lisa was recognized by Welcoa as a Top 100 Health Promotion Professional through its 2014 DISH contest. Lisa and her husband Peter are co-authors of the book Cultivating Healthy & Vibrant Workplaces (2023).

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