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Lance Christensen



A visionary leader, serial entrepreneur, recruiting trailblazer, and chronic overachiever, Lance Christensen is the founder and current President of Drive Forward Solutions. As an internationally recognized expert in driver recruitment and retention, Lance helps companies both large and small overcome many of the challenges that prevent them from attracting and retaining top talent.

The time has come to rethink driver recruiting. Ask any transportation manager and you get the same response..."We need qualified drivers!". Recruiting departments often lack the infrastructure to tackle their driver shortage, relegating it to placing ads and scheduling interviews. A partnership with Drive Forward Solutions is designed to dramatically increase driver on-boarding, reduce overall recruiting costs, and over time will decrease driver turnover. Our solutions range from augmenting your current recruiting department, to complete driver recruitment process outsourcing. If you think you cannot afford a cutting edge driver recruiting department, Drive Forward Solutions will show you how.
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