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Kurina Baksh

Kurina Baksh is a Health, Safety and Environment Professional from Trinidad and Tobago. As a recent graduate in the field, she is trained to analyze and advise on a wide range of issues related to her area of expertise. Currently, she is an independent consultant who develops public outreach and education programmes for an international clientele. She strongly believes that increasing public outreach and education can promote hazard awareness and ultimately save lives.

Recent Articles by Kurina Baksh

The Importance of Waste from a Health and Safety Perspective

The production and disposal of waste products at the workplace is a cause for great concern, though is rarely given thought to. Learn how to properly dispose of waste products and how to protect workers when doing so.

HIV/AIDS and the Workplace

HIV/AIDS in the workplace is a concern that many employees and employers are unsure of how to bring up. Learn more about the condition, and what it means to have HIV/AIDS in the workplace.

Indoor Air Quality: 7 Basic Questions about Moulds

Indoor air quality is one of the top health concerns. Find out what causes mould growth, how it can affect your indoor air quality, and more in our answers to seven basic questions about moulds.
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