Kevin Majewski

Account Manager


Kevin Majewski (ASP) has been with Safety Plus Inc since 2013. He currently serves as an Account Manager at Safety Plus where he supports the safety programs of multiple clients from a variety of industries. In addition to his position as an Account Manager, Kevin was integral to the development of SafetyPlusWeb™’s Inspection Software which allows for real-time safety data capture in the field to identify and correct potential hazards. Prior to joining Safety Plus, Kevin attended Central Michigan University where he obtained a degree in Environmental Health & Safety. Kevin earned recognition as an Associate Safety Professional (ASP) in 2018 and continues to work towards his CSP.

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Q&A by Kevin Majewski

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    There is no "right" number of safety meetings an organization should hold.I would generally recommend holding at least one safety meeting a week, but your organization should pay attention to internal factors and ultimately...

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