Jonathan Smith

CEO, J.Smith Safety


I am a Safety Professional with over a decade of experience, multitudinous safety certifications/authorizations, and a passion for helping people stay safe and continually grow in efficiency within the workplace. I am looking to further my career and knowledge within the safety world. I have held many different positions over my years of experience, I have obtained hundreds of certifications and accolades, I hold an MBA, and a MIS-IT. I have a background in Aeronautical, Maritime, Office Ergonomics and Safety, Explosive Safety, Retail Management, Teaching, Special Needs, Hospice, Sales Specialist, General Construction, Industrial Maintenance, Safety Consulting, and Industrial Safety Management. With the breadth of knowledge and experience in my pocket, I have found my love in the Occupational Safety and Health field. My passion is helping employees work in a secure environment and return home safe to their families. I have been responsible for the safety of teams greater than five thousand both nationally and internationally in various fields. With experience in construction, aeronautics maintenance, maritime maintenance, administrative, manufacturing plants, food processing plants and shipyards, I have a vast knowledge of safety and training requirements and techniques that benefit individuals from the plant floor to the executive suite in civilian and military settings. With the current pandemic I have been able to assist with the CDC’s efforts in contact tracing events, preventative measures, and the facilitation of over 10,000 vaccinations across multiple military facilities, nationally and internationally. I have implemented several safety management measures for various sized firms and directly saw a decrease in injuries, fines and productivity barriers leading to cost saving in the millions. I love the ever-changing nature of the safety world as it provides the ability to learn, grow and develop creative ways for each industry to meet their goals. I look forward to future connections and building a book of like minded individuals for future collaborations!
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