Jack Rubinger

Jack Rubinger has 10+ years of experience writing about workplace safety, construction, lean manufacturing, warehouse management, visual communication, healthcare, agriculture, education, and technology.

Rubinger’s articles have been published in a wide range of media, including ISHN, EHS Today, New Equipment Digest, Industry Week, and many others.

Rubinger has provided copywriting and editing expertise for corporations, agencies, and trade associations, including Intel, Nike, SafeBuild Alliance, Graphic Products, and Rugged Safety.

For more information, visit creativitypersistencesubstance.wordpress.com, email [email protected], or call/text 503-964-4877.


Articles by Jack Rubinger

Nurses' station Nurses' station Nurses' station Nurses' station

Long-term care workers face a number of regular hazards. Here's how employers and administrators keep them safer.