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Ian Driver


We help all veterans & their familes from all conflicts . This is from WW1 WW2 Falklands, Belfast , Afganistan and Beyond

Some Charities only help post 911 which is very fustrating for veterans & their familes having served outside that catchment area

With Ian’s experience dealing with veterans and current service members and dealing with their families who were experiencing simply issues. Ian found that a number Veterans were homeless and suffering from PTSD. Ian began to work alongside a number of groups veterans and organisations alongside a number of military groups on facebook. Ian has now been accepted in the military family and was made a Honorary Royal Engineer. Ian attends a Veterans breakfast club weekly Also attends and displays at the Sunderland Armed Forces weekend Ian & Veterans Response has been warmly welcomed by the military close nit community.

Ian has helped personal from Army, RAF, Royal Navy also the French Foreign Legion and currently supporting former SAS personnel with their training Education needs. Ian has work on military sites such as Catterick Garrison, HMS Calendonia Rosyth. RAF Cottesmore & Kendrew Barracks.

We are currently working with a number of councils and veterans Champions also housing associations.

The classic image of a young person who joins the forces is one of a vibrant individual who leaves home to serve their country; free thinking, fit and healthy. Sadly, all too often they return as a seriously damaged and injured individual. After a period of deep reflection, irrespective of the devotion of their family, they can soon consider themselves a burden. Dealing with unwanted dependency, and their separation from their close comrades, can often cause depression. In some cases this can in turn cause extreme anger, which may manifest itself in violent behaviour; all of this is born out of frustration and an inability to relate to a civilian environment.

Over the past two decades there has been a marked increase in the active service of UK armed forces. Conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq for example have resulted in an increased number of servicemen and woman who have been both physically and psychologically injured. This has placed an increasing demand upon the resources of existing charities and support organisations alike. In recognition of this, Veterans Response was established by a military service provider dealing with personnel who have fought on the front line. We have a close understanding of the nature of events these individuals have witnessed and endured, and this has provided our framework for Veterans Response.

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