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Health/Safety Works


In fact, the chances are that by the second syllable of ‘serious’ your mind had wandered a little bit; you’d drifted off, attention elsewhere. And nobody could blame you. Health & Safety in the workplace, for such a vital, transformative and ever-changing subject, tends to be a little bit, well,dry.

So if we intend to achieve anything with this blog, we hope that we can show Health & Safety in a more attractive and colourful manner. I hope we can wade through some of the sludge of legalese and industry jargon. We hope, ultimately, that we can present Health & Safety in such a way that people turn on and engage, rather than turn off.

Because, yes, it really is a serious subject.

We also aim to concentrate specifically on the worldwide industrial workplace. So if your concern is warehousing, facilities management, food & drink, logistics, car parking, airports, automotive, retail, construction or manufacturing, then – wherever you are on the planet – we hope you will find something useful here for you.

What’s more, this is an open forum. If you have an article, an opinion, a video, a document or a photo we’d like to see it, read it, post it, tweet it, link it – maybe even love it. If you are an expert, from a company, or simply a concerned party – tell us what your industrial Health & Safety stories and concerns are at [email protected].

There’s no catch – we’re just interested – and we need your content to make the blog grow, spread and be more informative.

Finally, we’re not just there for the practical things. Health & Safety inhabits a world where pratfalls, crashes and bad signage are commonplace. We think it’s important to show how NOT to do it. We’re not revelling in failure by doing this, or chortling at others’ expense – but when lives are at risk it’s sometimes good to show both sides of the Health & Safety coin.

We’re grateful you’ve paid a visit. We hope you find Health & Safety Works useful – but we also hope you enjoy it.

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