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FSS South


The company was started in 1997 and evolved into Fire Safety Solutions South Ltd in 2010. Since then, FSS South has gone from strength to strength in the fire protection industry, providing clients with quality fire equipment and a first class professional service. Our NEBOSH and IFE qualified Fire Risk Assessors are time served within the fire service and have achieved status of at least MI and GI FireE. They have also the credentials of holding positions such as Watch/Station Commander to add to their resume. We can therefore provide quality Fire Risk Assessments according to the Regulatory Reform Order of 2005 (Fire Safety Order) and guide clients through the complexities of legislation,swiftly and smoothly and you can be assured of a quality service at all times.

Our company only employs qualified and trained Fire Extinguisher Engineers through IFEDA to service and install fire safety equipment and to assess any possible fire risks in any type of commercial environment. With companies busier than ever and Health and Safety Laws becoming ever more stringent, the need for a professional fire safety company to take care of these requirements becomes ever more present. Apart from fire risk assessments, we undertake work in accordance with BS5306 EN3 and BS 5306-8:2012 to fit compliant fire extinguishers in the correct locations and with the appropriate signage.

FSS South can also provide fire warden training and fire awareness courses for clients to keep employees up to date in all aspects of fire safety from extinguisher uses to evacuation procedures.Whatever your requirements just call one of our experienced team at our office.

Our philosophy as a professional company is to provide a transparent first class service in accordance with BS Standards to keep you and your business as safe as possible at all times .

We are pleased to announce that FSSSouth have agreed to become proud associate sponsors of Portsmouth Rugby Football Club. We hope this associated sponsorship will be an ongoing relationship and bring our growing company to the forefront of the local community.

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